About Us


As the power requirements of the country is continuously growing the same provides tremendous opportunities for the power industry and at the same time posing tremendous challenges in the next two decades.

Therefore power industry has to face new technologies to meet the ever increasing demand for power. Keeping this in view, we are continuously updating our capabilities to meet these challenges posed from time to time.

I-MAX a privately owned company came into existence in the year 1983 to cater the needs of importance accessories used in LV, HV, EHV switchgear.

1.          Realizing the important and need for import substitutions, the company is in the continuous process of not only developing the import substitutes, but also improving the designs further to suit the special & peculiar requirements, which are called for in the electrical equipments designed by indigenous OEMS to suit the local grid and distribution systems. The products so developed and supplied by I-Max are already in satisfactory operation, along with the main equipments supplied by the renowned OEMS of the country.

Company has a strong belief in “Do it right in the first Instance “and this has resulted in the complete satisfaction of the customers in meeting their stringent specification and requirements.

2. The infrastructure established by the company for the development & manufacturing of the products, during the period of over two decades combined with the strong financial base built by the company, has resulted in turning out, quality & reliable products meeting the timely schedules of the customers.

3. With the experience gained during the last 30 years, the company can take up any challenge resulting due to the current fast technological changes that are taking place in the county from time to time.

4. The products developed, manufactured and supplied by this company mainly cater to the switchgear and control gear industry and the high level of quality which is built into the product has earned complete satisfaction to the customer.